One Progression & Switch Prog

Airush One Progression & Switch Prog 2020

A cutting edge entrance to the sport, and beyond..


OP 10m+145x44 SW prog
OP 8m+135x40 SW prog
OP 8m+140x42 SW prog
OP 8m+145x44 SW prog
OP 9m+135x40 SW prog
OP 9m+140x42 SW prog
OP 9m+145x44 SW prog
OP 10m+135x40 SW prog
OP 10m+140x42 SW prog
OP 12m+135x40 SW prog
OP 12m+140x42 SW prog
OP 12m+145x44 SW prog
OP 14m+135x40 SW prog
OP 14m+140x42 SW prog
OP 14m+145x44 SW prog

The One Progression and the Switch Progression package.

Centred around the following components and choices-
- 2020 One Progression kite in a choice of 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m
- 2019 Switch Progression board in a choice of 138x41, 140x42, 145x44
- 2020 Progression control bar, complete with leash
- Airush Team Harness in red - Size S, M, L, XL - High capacity pump


The One Progression kite
The One Progression is a new kite for 2020 that the technology and draws on the sucess of the Airush Ultra. This one strut Ultra platform has gained a huge following in the kiting industry. It offers a new performance level for foiling and medium power freeride. In a sport obsessed by big air the Ultra, and this lithium progression sibling reminds high level riders just how much agility, fun and feedback has been lost in the pursuit of extreme power handling.

With regard to your first few sessions, the One progression is also used by schools. Extremely stable overhead, it's progressive, easy to re-start and has huge amounts of depower. Handling is direct and agile without being nervous or unpredictable. After you master the One, you may be tempted to upgrade to something destined for more agressive riding style as your tastes diversify, but the Lithium one, like the Ultra, has a trick up it's sleeve. It is a perfect kite for foiling.

There are few recreational riders who do not foil these days, it is a whole new world for less windy days and ensures that you get a lot more out of the year when you cant pick and choose your conditions. The light wind ability, agility, stability and handling of the One is perfect for foiling, so it will stay in your quiver for a long time.
Sizes; 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m

The Switch Progression
The board supplied in this package is the Switch progression. It uses snowboard tech with a wood core, abs rails for impact strength, has plenty of flex, low weight, and the right dimensions and rocker for stability, efficiency and control. An ideal starter board it will bring you confidence in staying upwind with very limited experience and in a broad range of conditions, as well as controlling power and stability in chop as you explore higher power enviroments and more agressive styles. It comes complete with 50mm fins and full airush boost pad and strap systems. Boots pads come in large and small sizes. If you are a very small size (sub size 7 UK) then please ask for the smaller set.
135cm x 40cm
140cm x 42cm
145cm x 44cm

The Progression bar
The bar supplied is an airush 2020 progression bar with the new ISO quick release. It's the safest and newly certified safety release to make sure you have the maximum protection should you need it. The lines are 24m, colour coded durable 250kg dyneema split into different riding lengths (10m and 14m extensions). It is compatible with all 4 line Airush kites for future use, using an easy to reach color coded Pull-Pull tabs for depower control and a 45-52cm adjustable bar end. The Progression Bar complies with IKO and BKSA teaching standards with the Low Y on the center lines - allowing for a quick single line flag out for maximum safety and fast packdown when needed. The bar is supplied with the safety leash to attach to your harness.

Team Waist Harness;
This package is also supplied with the Airush team harness. It has a very impressive blend of support and comfort using an ergonomic load plate with a 3D moulded internal and external construction. A full neoprene soft edge and neoprene inner belt maximises the comfort of the harness while the lumbar support battens stiffen the harness vertically, allowing maximum freedom of movement while riding. This is essential in providing the support your spine needs for sustained use, whilst not being uncomfortable around the edges of the harness. A dual stage belt system allows the rider to set the level of belt support by adjusting or bypassing the secondary belt if preferred. The T Lock spreader bar relaease is easy to engage due to the compact hook design, with a rotating clip holding the hook in place to prevent accidental releases. It's a top of the line harness, and will not need replacing for an advanced model at any point.

The package also comes with a large capacity pump, with multple nozzles for this and any future kites that use different systems.
The only thing you will need that are not supplied in this kit is a wetsuit. Boots perhaps if you are riding somewhere rocky, and a helmet and an impact vest if wish to be cautious. Board leashes are a choice if you are not happy with your skill at upwind body dragging, but you may want to speak to your instructor about this.

This complete package is designed to get you on the water at a fantastic price with top of the line quality, and a performance that will maximise your learning curve, whilst still being relevant to your advanced wave and foil riding in the future.

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